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Wrong Autofest Ranking/class

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2010' started by kjmclaughlin, Aug 31, 2010.

    kjmclaughlin guest

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    I was registered in autocross 7a and show up in 7b....Also, I was a Rookie driver as this was my first Octoberfest. My times would have allowed for a trophy if the correct class was adhered to. Not sure how to correct this..... Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    steven s

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    I sent you an email earlier.
    It looks like you were classed properly in 7B. 7A were M5s and M6s.
    Rookie class needed to be chosen at the time registration.
    Rookie is for those who have never, ever competed in an autocross anywhere.
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    I was the autocross chair. I reviewed all entries before the final grids were posted on Tuesday afternoon (and completely missed the concours as a result). I changed your classification because it was correct to do so. Please review the Oktoberfest Autocross rules. Your car was entered with no modifications listed. If you had modifications that would have bumped your car up a class, you failed to list them, so it was properly classified in 7B, not 7A.

    As Steven said, the 'Rookie' class is for those who have never autocrossed anywhere before; not just at an Oktoberfest. Absent any extenuating circumstances, the results are final once the awards are handed out. You may rest assured that, had you run in Class 7A, you would have trophied.

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