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WOOHOO! Rebate APPROVED and check in mail...buuuttt...

Discussion in 'Membership Rewards Rebate' started by drummerfc, Jul 10, 2012.

    drummerfc guest

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    ...there's something about this that needs some "splainin" from anyone who can help... :confused:

    According to the rebate instructions, purchase or lease of a new or CPO used 3 series should net a $500 rebate check and that's what I thought I was going to get. However, yesterday I opened a mailing from BMW of North America that contained a check...for $250.00. My questions are:

    - Do they send a partial or "prorated" rebate if the car is over a certain age (mine is an '06 330i)??
    - Do the rebate checks come from BMW NA or from the CCA itself?
    - Do they send half now and half later?


    If anyone (Steven?) has any thoughts on this I would be most appreciative...thanks.
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    steven s

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    Rebate on CPOs are $250 with the exception of M cars that are $500.
    Checks come from BMW NA.
    Rebates on new cars range from $500 - $1500 depending on the series.

    drummerfc guest

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    Thanks Steven...as always, you're right there with the necessary and very helpful info! :)
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Yeah, you gots to reads the fine print. . . the rules of the Rebate Game change from time to time. I'm just grateful that BMW NA funds this program (says the guy who got $500 back on a CPO Z4 in 2008).

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