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wiring problems

Discussion in '114 type 1600, 2002, 2002ti/tii (1967-1976)' started by armourscar, Dec 3, 2008.

    armourscar guest

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    My 72 2002 tii had a fire in the dash, before I bought it, which melted the wiring into a glob and fried most of the electronics. I bought a 75 2002 to use for parts. I want to use the wiring from the 75 because it is all there and in good condition. The fuse box wires plug into the back in groups via plugs. There are three white plugs and one black plug. One of the white plugs is a double. One of the other plugs must nest in the double plug because there are only four rows of electric spades. I haven't a clue how to plug these in. I am hoping that someone can send me a photo of the back side so I will know the order of insertion. There are also three wires that are not in any plug. I don't know where they go in the box either. If I were to go back to the 72 wiring I would have to replace all of the electronic parts and patch in new wires to replace the burnt ones. Plus replace the switches,wands
    ie.turn signal wand, wiper wand, Hazard switch etc. because they changed. Can this work?

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