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Winter Wheels & Tires F80 M3 Competition

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by khutch18, Sep 6, 2019.

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for a reasonable set of wheels / tires for the mild winters in Richmond, VA.

    I've been on Tire Rack, and found that the cheapest winter tires there are Yokohama ICEGUARD IG52C (18 inch). The cheapest wheels are also ALUTEC DRIVE (18x8), but I'm not a huge fan of the way they look.

    Being new to the Car Club, and having only gone through Tire Rack in the past, are there any other websites that are good for cheaper options? The winters here are mild, and I'd rather spend the money on the replacement summer tires I'll need early next year, so I'm trying to make a reasonable decision without shelling out $1,500+.

    Appreciate the help!

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    Check the Roundel classifieds - online, they'd be current ads, but, it might be worth looking at the classifieds section of the printed magazine (available online) for ads going back to maybe a year ago - not that it's likely, but, possible someone listed a set of winter wheels/tires that would fit your car that they never got sold and still have sittin' around. Not uncommon to see ads come up once winter's over, or wrapping up. Check your chapter's facebook group/page, website, & maybe even newsletter (should be available online through your chapter website), and also put up a post of what you're looking for, maybe you dig up something that way. Use Tire Rack's wheel listings to get an idea of the range of offsets that would work (& how/if certain offsets are specific to certain wheel widths), and confirm other fitment details such as center bore. The common BMW center bore for a long time has been 72.5mm, (with a few model-specific variations), but I thought I'd read the center bore for a range of some of the new/recent BMW's is different. Point being, you may find something from another model, but of course you'd have to know it fits yours. Craigslist... other BMW-specific forums 'for-sale' sections, like bimmerforums.com, bimmerfest.com, & bimmerpost.com.

    One of the obvious advantages to a dedicated set of wheels/tires is the easy swap, particularly if you have the time, space, tools, & ability to do it yourself. You could forego the wheel expense & just have a shop swap tires, but that takes time, transporting wheels & tires to & fro, etc. Don't forget the tpms sensors for the new wheels too, unless you don't mind the perpetual tpms malfunction alert. I get not wanting to throw anymore $$$ at it than possible, although consider some extra for better tires might easily be worth it if their performance saved the day in an emergency situation. I'm in SW Ohio, which certainly on occasion has ice storms where Blizzaks would be ideal, but I've generally gotten by fine on whatever variety of Michelin performance snow tire fits the bill - possibly Pilot Alpin PA4's for your car. Blizzaks will wear out too fast in areas that see moderate to little snow.

    Good luck on getting a winter setup together!

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