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Winter Storage

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by ARByers, Dec 28, 2008.

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    ARByers ///MPower

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    Happy Holidays all! Wondering if anybody has any good advice on storing a car for the winter. I've heard a few bits of advice ... full tank, sta-bill fuel additive, but what about firing it up once and while? It's the M3 going to bed until May--ND winters are brutal if one could imagine.

    I was able to take it out yesterday to stretch its legs, but a winter weather advisory for the next few days is telling me it will be the last time it comes out. The car charger goes on it tomorrow, but what about cranking the engine every so often? Any benefit? Five months is a long time to just leave it on the charger and not crank it to move the oil around.
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    I would put my Z4 away for 3 months a year (Dec, Jan, Feb). I never added any additive to the fuel but I would start it up and let it run a couple minutes 1 day out of the month.
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    Run the car once a month at least to get oil on everything again. Don't just fire it up, let it warm up a little to keep from fouling the plugs. Change the oil before you store it. Pump up the tires to lessen flat spotting.

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