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Winter DD car protection

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by az3579, Jan 11, 2009.

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    As I was unhappily and very carefully scraping snow off the car (trying not to scratch it) today, I got an idea.

    If I was to get a car cover, would it protect the car even from things like frost/ice? I know I wouldn't have to get snow off the car this way, but if Ice starts to form on it, then I'm back to scraping windows.

    I use my car every day, even in the winter, and do not have a useable garage, so I park outside on the street.

    Would a car cover be a viable solution to prevent icing from forming on my car? If so, does anyone know of a particular brand that is best suited for a BMW? An E30 in particular (non-cabrio)?

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    thats a good thought, but it all would depent of how humid it is, I would just be afraid of puting scratch on my paint when I pulled it off. I put a big towel on my windows when I know its going to frost and lift my wipers, this seems to work well, I just let it melt off the rest of the car. So with that I dont see why a cover wouldnt help...

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