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Wife getting newer reowned car fever

Discussion in 'E28 (1982-1988)' started by gusgriff, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I need a little guidance on the newer model 3 series and 5 series BMWs with automatic trans. She is looking more at the 3 series E46 and E90 models sedans but the 5 series E39 and E60 will be considered. Is one model more reliable with less maintenance issues? She is more into comfort and not interested is high performance, convertiblesand wants higher gas mileage. She wants seats that have more side bolster similar to the sport seats in my 535is.
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    Probably E90 would be best

    All these cars are really complicated. The 5-series have more electronics to fail, although there is a lot on the 3-series. Having had an E46 330xi and now driving a 335d (and my son drives a 335i), the 3-series is probably better for mileage than the 5-series. None of these (other than my diesel) get great mileage: there is little to choose from between the 325i/330i or 328i/335i (as long as she doesn't get addicted to the torque of the turbo engine.) All get 28-30 freeway, around 20 urban. In some cases, the 330 gets slightly better mileage than 325i, due to gearing.

    I'd stay away from the AWD versions - pretty reliable but still it's more stuff to go wrong. Unfortunately, the auto transmissions have been sore points - probably more failures especially around 100K-150K than many consider right, and they're pricey to replace. All the engines are very reliable *if* the cooling systems have preventative maintenance done to them between 80K - 120K.

    I'd probably buy an E90 328i that's just off lease, perhaps a CPO. Looks like they're running mid-$20's with 30K-60K miles. Plenty to choose from as far as options - you want one with sport package, probably premium and maybe cold weather.

    gusgriff guest

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    Thanks for the info.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Speaking of transmissions. . .

    . . . the new(est) ZF eight-speed automatic that seems to be making its way into every BMW is worth waiting for, I believe, as it migrates its way through the lineup.

    Mistah Dinan, he workin' on the computer code for this box as we speak. . . :p

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