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Wife and Kids...

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2010' started by dwoodman, Mar 14, 2010.

    dwoodman guest

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    Hello, I am considering making my first trip to Oktoberfest in my first BMW. (550i).

    I thought it was going to be a "guys week" until my wife told me she wanted to go. Among other things, this means that she will likely have to drive the van also because I dont think we can fit all the kids stuff in my car - the stroller alone fills the trunk.

    Anyway, are there any special events that would be of interest to my wife and our two kids (under 2 yrs)???

    I'm told my little kids will gain free admission, but I think I need to get day passes for my wife or the M2 package. Arent there some sort of meals each night or a couple nights and will the day pass get my wife into this?

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    steven s

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    There are other events going on other than car related.
    See http://www.bmwccaofest.org/local-attractions.phtml
    The cooking school looks like fun.

    There is also a children's museum.
    Two might be a bit young though.

    Day passes include any meals for that day.
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    Not to undermine the advertisers 'someone' has no doubt leveraged for a few bucks to be on that page, I will volunteer that there is also an excellent children's basement at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc. If the kids are interested (almost any adult will be), there are tours of the USS Cobia submarine, parked in the river by the museum. You could probably kill most of a day here. To make that kinda' long drive of ~30 miles worthwhile, we also have a pretty decent zoo (Lincoln Park) and a couple great age-appropriate playgrounds in the city (one at the zoo). There are also several public beaches along Lake Michigan in the Two Rivers-Manitowoc area.

    There's a water park (Blue Harbor) on the Sheboygan shoreline a few blocks from the children's museum Steven mentioned. So, if one doesn't get their attention, the other probably will. Another full day down.

    While in the two towns, maybe pick up stuff for a picnic at Road America since there's far more space there than a little kid can comprehend. I'd figure at least an hour rolling down the hills (until they puke) outside Turn 14 ... :D

    dhc3 guest

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    There is a great beach for the kids in Elkhart Lake, complete with playground etc.

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