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Why are there so many used M3's for sale in Roundel?

Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by sunnyandrich, Aug 29, 2009.

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    yeah, i believe a good number of the M3s for sale on the forums are maintained well too. I have seen M3s listed for months before finally finding a buyer.

    Koinonos1 guest

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    M3's aren't really much more expensive if they are proactive

    This might be a little thread resurrection but I thought I would put this in for any future readers.

    Japanese and American cars you drive until there is a problem. German cars you put away $100.00 a month for future maint as BMW parts last for a pretty specific interval and then you repair/replace the parts at regular intervals so that the car is essentially as good as new.

    The costs below are really not that much different for an M3 then they would be for a 330i or X3/X5.

    30k - Service 1 (usually warranty)
    60k - Service II ($1500.00) this usually covers the timing chain and spark plugs.
    90k - Service 1 + refreshing the entire suspension (optional but mandatory if you want it as crisp as it was when it was new) to include springs, struts, rtabs, bushings, etc. $600.00+
    120k - Service II ($1500.00) plus new brake pads + rotors. Usually the clutch starts to get a pretty worn by 120k so $1500.00+1000.00+1000.00 = $3500.00

    150k - Service 1 + Transmission refurbish + CV joints.

    At 150k you essentially have a fresh vehicle other than the engine, and the S54 can last 200,000-250,000 miles before needing a rebuild if it is well maintained. Rebuild for an M3 would be about $4500.00.

    Again the idea is that if you put away $100.00 a month towards ongoing maintenance there are rarely any surprises or failures because you are always refreshing key consumable parts just when they are expected to end of life.

    My 2002 M3 has 91k miles, and all service work including suspension refresh @85k and it absolutely drives like it is brand new. It's all about proactive maintenance.. :cool:

    mose121 guest

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    I wish I could agree with this statement, but with my time as an advisor I can't agree with your #'s. My prices are "dealer" prices.

    $1200 on an M3
    $400 on a 330/X3/X5

    More like $1800 on an M3
    $600 on a 330/X3/X5

    There is no way you are going to be able to even cover the cost of parts you listed for $600on any of those cars. The springs alone are more than that. And the labor will cost just as much if not more thant the parts. 4-6 hours for springs/struts/shocks/alignment, 4 hours for RTABS, etc, you're already over $1000 in labor. Plus O2 sensor replacement is done at 100K, that's $1,500+ assuming you don't destroy the manifold trying to get them out. If you do, multiply times 3.

    At this point you're going to def. need a clutch if you haven't had one already. Also, M3 cats notoriously start failing by now. These are very $$$$, thousands a piece we're talking here. The 330/X3/X5 does not go through cats like the M3's do. $5-6,000 is closer to a realistic figure at this mileage. Again, assuming you are using a dealer for service and fixing everything wrong with the car.

    Koinonos1 guest

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    I get my parts from Tischer BMW which saves a *lot* of money on parts vs. standard dealership prices. An example being that an SMG pump typically costs $5k alone at the dealership only costs $1600.00 through Tischer BMW and then I have the work done by a reliable German auto mechanic in my area.

    Parts Ordered for SMG Accumulator fix - http://getbmwparts.com/
    SMG Pump - 21532229715 - $1600 / Dealer cost typically $5000.00

    So M3 parts may be a higher markup but intelligent part shopping can bring the cost down pretty nicely. My math on the 90k estimation was way off - It should have read $900 (that's what mine cost) for Service I, $1500.00 for suspension parts, and $1000.00 labor by a *non-dealership*.

    Dealerships typically charge significantly more than regional reputable German mechanic shops in both parts and prices which can be another factor in total ownership costs.

    YMMV, and the usual qualifiers which I forgot to add correctly and put in my post..

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