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Who works the corners for the Club Races?

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2010' started by dmmai, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Just wondering, who works the corners (flagging, safety) during the BMW Club Races? Is it primarily SCCA corner workers or just pick up? Who's chief for this event?
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    I'm not speaking from direct knowledge except direct knowledge of Road America. In all likelihood, it will be well-seasoned SCCA flaggers ("Round up the usual suspects." ;)), some of whom work more days than not at the track during the race season. The track has its own remarkably well-equipped and well-trained safety team. It is unlikely there will be a' pick up' worker anywhere although, if this is something in which you're interested in doing, a special arrangement might be made.

    ISTR Mike Clemens is our club racing chair, so you might ask him who's the event chief.
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    All of the corner workers will be Road America "regulars". Most of them also work SCCA events as well as many of the pro events at Road America. The flag chief for the event will be John Morgan. John is a Badger Bimmer member and has been the flag chief for many events at Road America. All of the corner workers for the event are paid and have lots of experience working all types of events at track. Like CR said Road America has a great safety team.

    If you are looking to help out with the event let me know. We still need a number of volunteers.

    Mike Clemens

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