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Where to display BMA CCA Sticker?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Starscream, Oct 31, 2009.

    Starscream guest

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    Hey guys,
    Got my membership card and BMW CCA sticker today,

    Is there any general consensus as to where to display it?

    I was thinking lower drivers side windshield but I wanted to check in and see where you guys placed yours!

    Feel free to add pics if you like :)
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    John in VA

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    A rear side window or lower center rear window will be less of an vision obstruction. There is no "official" placement location.
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    The trailing edge of the rear window is where I usually look for it.
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    I've got the sticker in the lower right corner of the rear window. I can't see it because of the roll hoops. Now it's time to get the America badge for your grille.
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    I've got two. :D
    One on the lower left side of the rear windshield and one on the front lower left side right above my registration sticker. :)
    And that goes without mentioning my CCA map grille badge as seen in the pic on the left...

    Starscream guest

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    Yes I have done the same,

    Lower left windshield above the inspection sticker,

    The rear side window idea guys would be fine on my 3 Series,
    But My M roadster doesn't have a rear side window :D

    Oh that brings me to another n00b question,
    I only got one sticker with the membership card, to get another sticker for my other BMW do I just call the office?

    and do I receive anything from my local chapter?
    (I only got my card yesterday, so I'm not sure how it all goes or what to expect in the mail)

    I would belong to the NJ chapter if that makes a difference
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    Yes, call or email national, I don't know if there's any limit on stickers - eventually you should be receiving the Roundel in the mail, and your chapter's newsletter.

    Welcome to the club!
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    steven s

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    PM me your membership number.

    Starscream guest

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    ad thanks for the welcomes guys :)
    Can't believe I waited this long to join!

    CoolToolGuy guest

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    I put one of the map stickers at the lower right corner of the backlight (rear window), and one of the rectangular ones on the blacked-out part of the driver's side rear window at the front, just next to the door jamb.

    Have Fun,
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    mine's in the lower drivers side of my windshield, my back windows are limo tinted and my fronts are usually down so that was the only spot for it
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    Can you see it?;)


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