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When is it time to sell?

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by jersey325i, Mar 26, 2009.

    jersey325i guest

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    I drive a 1995 325i four door automatic. I love my car. Lately it seems that it has had some troubles (water pump, fan clutch, fan, fan shroud). It has 143,000 miles and I put about 7,000 miles on it myself. I was wondering what peoples opinions are about a good selling point for my car. I would like to upgrade many features on my car, and soon I will need things such as front shocks. I estimate that I would need to put about $2,000 into my car to get it to the point I want it at. I bought the car for $5,000. Does my car have a long life ahead? My neighbor has the same exact car and it has 190,000 miles and still runs good. Is it worth sinking $2,000 into my car to get it to the point I want it at so I can enjoy it at its best ability? Thanks
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    I am not a Soothsayer but other than automatic transmission problems/costs I would stick with it especially if it is rust free etc... since you said you love it !
    My $.00
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    +1. 2 grand? That's nothing. I've dumped way more than that into my E30, and this thing has a frickin' eta engine. lol

    I say put the money into it, and then later do a 5-speed swap. :D
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    In all seriousness and with no offense ment to those who have gone through this, we have found the decision to get rid of a loved car is similar to putting down a sick pet.... you and only you know when the time has come. For us, we sold a Subaru SVX that needed it's fourth transmission. We pulled out and reveiwed the file with all the repair bills, shed some tears and sold it.

    If you still enjoy it, keep the cash flowing!
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    This car will most likely always worth more to you then someone else. If you buy another used BMW, it too will most likely need some maintance done to it. The advantage to keeping your current car is that you have a better idea of what it needs then the car in the classifieds.

    But if you want something drastically different, it might be worth selling it and buying what you really want.

    jersey325i guest

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    wow, thanks that was really helpful. I think I will keep it and enjoy it, and put the money into it to get it exactly as I want it.

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