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Wheels... BBS or TSW or ?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by WendyS, Apr 12, 2014.

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    I decided to get new wheels for summer. I have a 2009 E92 335xi. This is my daily driver, but will have a few track days in its future. I'd like to stick with the stock tire size of 225/45-17 all around. Thinking of getting Pirelli P Zero RFT, Max Performance Summer, 91W.

    After a bit of research, I've narrowed the wheel search to 1) BBS SR, 17x8, 30 offset, 24 lbs, pressure cast, made in Germany; or 2) TSW Nurburgring, 17x8, 35 offset, 18 lbs, rotary forged, made in ?.

    I'm not into 'bling', I just want a good quality, strong wheel that's not more than $300 and still acceptable for occasional track use. Which of these is better quality? Does the 6-lb weight difference mean that much? Are there better ones I'm missing?

    I appreciate any opinions. Thanks.
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    If you're sticking with that size, one to consider is the Kosei K4R (see tirerack.com) for the least-costly, lightest wheel. The Kosei K1 is just a bit heaver, but the wider 17x8.5 width allows you to run wider tires, which might be better for track duty. I have 255's at all four corners (E92 335is) on Apex Arc-8's (recall is fuzzy, pretty sure they're the 17x8.5's, not the 17x9's). The folks at Apex have a lot of experience with BMW wheel & tire fitment. Wheel weight is important, the llighter, the better.


    K4R: 17x8, 15.5lbs, 42mm offset, $199 (might be worth asking if the Kosei's fit BMW hubs without adapter rings)
    K1: 17x8.5, 16.8lbs, 40mm offset, $175
    Arc-8: 17x8.5, 17.2lbs, 40mm offset, $249
    TSW Nurburgring: 17x8, 18lbs, 35mm offset, $232 (discounttiredirect.com)

    The TSW's would make for a slightly wider track than the K4R due to the offset difference, which would be a little better for track driving purposes, although you'd probably never notice; the weight advantage goes to the K4R there; looks like fitting 225's work fine on either wheel; The Apex folks seem to be regularly back-ordered on their wheels in Hyper-Silver color, but other retailers may have the Hyper-Silver ones, like Bimmerworld.com.

    I think its quite likely the K1's & Arc-8's will be around for awhile, but I always recommend buying an extra wheel when buying a set, because wheel makers are fickle, wheel models are made for awhile and then they move onto new designs - if you damage a wheel beyond repair and find it's been discontinued by the manufacturer, GOOD LUCK finding another to replace it. Happened to me!
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    Personally always likes BBS.
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    Thanks for the opinions... gave me more to think about.
    MGarrison: I considered increasing tire and wheel size, but was concerned about clearance. I'm surprised to hear you can have 255s with 8.5" rims on the front without issue. I do like the Apex Arc-8s. Thanks.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Jeez, Garrison, couldn't you at least give the guy a little detailed information?
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    Hmmm. Just picking nits and stirring the pot but I wonder if Wendy S. is a guy. Of course it could be my bias (I have many of them) leads me to think it is a girl (gal?). Unless I am just thinking of guy in a narrow sense and not in a more generic sense. Darn that diversity training course that I had to take, it makes me over think every word and its implication. :eek:
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    LOL... thanks Ken.S.330, yes I am a girl... I know, not many of us out here into their bimmers. No worries, I'm not reporting anyone to HR ;). I however have scrapped the TSW idea after realizing they require hub rings. Now looking at Beyern Spartans 17"x8" with 245/45s, but still haven't completely figured out if 245/45 will rub on something on the front... the search continues.

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