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Wheel size and model compatibility

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by 109941, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Does a cross reference list exist for rim/rim sizes and BMW models? I and friends have various sets of rims and rims & tires for previous vehicles and it would be really grand to get rid of them.

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    John in VA

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    Another good wheel reference site

    Here is another good reference site to bookmark:

    Thanks and good luck

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    Good sites. what is the difference between an ET 34 and ET 20? Looking to fit the model 156 E90 wheel 7x16 on an E34 '89 535 7x15 but the offset is ET 20 not ET34. Cause for concern?
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    If the wheel size is only 16 inches, it would probably fit on the E34

    You could use hubcentric wheel spacers to compensate somewhat for the offset differences.

    However this may not prevent the top of the tire from hitting the wheelwell, fender, or suspension components.
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    The difference is 14mm. That's over a half inch and it measures how much more or less the rim sticks out from the wheel (measured from the rim center line). In this case, if your OE wheel is the ET 34 (and the same width: 7"), the E90 wheel will be a half inch farther out. That may be good news on the inside where you might rub a strut, but on the outside, I don't know if that will clear your fenders.
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    ET xx designates wheel offset, typically (perhaps always) in mm. As CR points out, this is one of the criteria for proper fitment. I don't know for sure, but I suspect ET may be an abbreviation for possibly the German word, or equivalent, for "offset".

    The Tire Rack's tech section has loooooads of useful information, you can also use their site to guesstimate fitments for wheels by checking the specs of wheels they do list to fit your car.

    You can read up, here:



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