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wheel adapter

Discussion in 'Driving Schools' started by black30, Jul 22, 2015.

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    hi all i am newby here and i want to do my first driving school i just want to know if i will pass tech
    with my 4 -5 wheel adapter i drive a 1989 e30 . any advice with be greatly appreciated. thank kev
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    Hi Kev, welcome to the club & forums - you'll have to check with your chapter's event organizers about what rules they have on spacers, different club chapters rules are generally consistent, but can vary chapter-to-chapter. I've never run spacers on or off the track, I'd say call Turner Motorsport and ask what they have to say about usage tips for track use. If you have proper spacers, they would be hub-centric adapters, meaning they properly fit on the car's wheel hub, and are sized to fit the center-bore of the wheels you're using.

    Club driver's schools will be recommending you doublecheck your lug-bolt's wheel torque before going out for a session, when the wheels are cool (never torque lug bolts right after a track session when the wheels/hubs/etc are hot). You'll need a torque wrench to do that if you don't have one already. Torque-ing lug bolts to the proper spec not only helps to ensure the wheels are secured to the car, but also ensures you don't suffere brake-rotor warpage due to having varying lug bolt torque. The checking before a session is to re-tighten any in case they might loosen - typically, a torqued-to-spec lug bolt might loosen a bit after a track session and can be re-torqued to spec, but rarely loosens a lot. My question for anyplace with experience with your type of adapters is whether the bolts securing the adapters might tend to loosen in track usage - obviously it would be a nuisance to jack up the car and pull each wheel to double-check adapter lug-bolt tightness.

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