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Whats the story behind the M Coupe Hatchback

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wanderlustbob, May 14, 2009.

    Wanderlustbob guest

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    Okay here is another one of my "new to BMW" questions:

    One of my local chapter members (Beast) has an M Coupe (hope that is the correct name for the model) and I just think that car looks so fine!!! It has such a unique look to it that is so sporty. Did BMW stop making them? If so why? what are the statistics behind it (horse power, 0-60 time, etc.)?

    My curiosity about that car has just continued to grow so last night I was looking on autotrader and there were only 3 2008 in the entire country available used. Sure wish I had an extra 40K laying around. The pics I attached are of one of the cars from auto trader in case I have identified it wrong. But what is the story behind this car, very curious?
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    John in VA

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    It's the coupe version of the Z4 with M engine, and has been discontinued as the new metal-top Z4 are on their way.
    There was also a Z3 version that may better fit your budget!
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    Bob - you talking about me :D

    As the Z4 aged through it's life cycle, they decided in '06 to make an ///M version of it, and also a Coupe version of it. The Z4 was a niche market car, and the Coupe was an even more niche market car, and the ///M Coupe was even more. The M Coupe is a BMW parts bin driver oriented car, taking bits from what was available. Brakes from the outgoing M3 Competition, engine and front suspension from the outgoing E46 M3, rear suspension and steering rack from somewhere else.

    It's got 330Hp, 0-60 in just under 5 sec. The S54 3.2L Inline 6 engine, only available in a 6sp manual:D

    It is a great car, but being a stiff driver's car makes it attractive to a very small market, and the initial price point kept a lot of people from buying them. At the end of '07 BMW was desperate to off-load these cars as the '08's were coming as well as the new M3, so they were heavily discounted ($10K for brand new cars, and $12-15K on demo cars). At that price point, people gobbled up the remaining stock. With the big original discounts, and the tanking economy the current prices are dropping fast, and fewer people are able to keep an extra weekend toy.

    If you're interested in one, you could find one for way less than $40K. You could pick up an '06 with 25K miles for $28 -$32K if you're willing to look around. I'm just glad I'm not trying to sell mine any time soon.

    Here is an example of one that was for sale at $34K with only 2,200 miles :eek:

    Wanderlustbob guest

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    I am talking about you Beast. I love the look of your car especially the color. I kept searching the BMWUSA site for that model and finally realized that it was discontinued.

    Its sad in a way but then again gives you a very unique car with not too many running around on the streets.

    The one thing I am a bit surprised about so far with BMW is how few colors they seem to offer. I know in the past I always tried to find things to make my car look unique. On my Solara convertible I did the gold badging just so I would likely not find the same car two parking spots over. The only thing I have so far on my 335 unique is I put the BMWCCA grille badge on the front kidney grille.

    I wanted a car with at least a small backseat otherwise I would have looked at the Z-series. I probably should have done a little better research before purchasing because with hind sight I may have passed on extending the factory warranty and maintenance and put the money into a M3 but when I was first looking the M3 sticker scared me away.

    Eh no big deal still jumping from a 30K Toyota to an almost 60K BMW was a good step up it gives me an idea of what I'll want in 4 years or so when I get bored with this ride.

    I really like the back end look of the M Coupe much better then the look of the Z-series but we'll see what they come up with over the next few years.

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