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What did you do to/for your BMW today?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by E46BAV90, May 16, 2011.

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    Desalinated it yet again. Hey, there's paint under that road grime. ;) Once the weather finally stabilizes, I think it will be time for a LONG overdue full detailing.
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    Waxed and washed and covered my 323i up
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    Hit 200,000 miles on Thursday. Here's to another 200,000 miles of pure driving excitement. In honor of the event I changed the oil. Also swapped out the fog bulbs with Hella Optiplux Extreme Yellow bulbs. The real test will be the first time I drive it in the rain at night. I plan to give it a full 200,000 mile once over in the next few weeks.

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    Well, I finally wrapped up what seemed to be the never ending project. When all is said and done, I gave my E46 some 200,000 mile loving. The project list included:
    • Replaced the Vanos with a Dr. Vanos unit from Pelican Auto
    • Which of course resulted in replacing the valve cover gasket
    • New thermostat and housing
    • Replaced the original (don't know how I got 200k miles out of it) water pump with a Stewart High Performance water pump
    • New radiator hoses and sensor (the radiator was replaced just 30,000 miles ago so I left it alone)
    • New pulleys
    • New belt tensioners
    • New belts
    • New heater hoses and Pipes. Boy was removing the intake manifold for this part of the project ever a treat. Same goes for fishing the cracked pipes out of the head.
    • Fresh BMW anti-freeze
    • New cold weather CCV system and vacuum line
    • Cleaned up the intake manifold as best I could and cleaned the throttle body
    • New Vanos oil pipe
    • New power steering reservoir
    • One new power steering hose (the less expensive one that is harder to get to)
    • New intake manifold gasket
    • Fresh Red Line MTL in the transmission
    • Fresh Red Line in the differential
    • Hit it with a can of intake valve cleaner (boy was this scary on the clean out drive an hour later)
    • New spark plugs
    • New upstream O2 sensors
    • Cleaned the mass airflow sensor
    • Oil change with Mobile One Euro Blend and Mann oil filter
    • New passenger side turn signal
    During this whole process, I cleaned the 200,000 mile of gunk off the engine block, components, etc. This is a large part of what took me so long. I'll tell you what, WD40 is a great engine degreaser. ;)This is biggest project I've ever undertaken. Pelican's write up had the coolant pipes etc. as a 4 out of 5 wrenches on the complexity. Wasn't so much complex as it was utterly time consuming.
    I hit 203,000 on my way in to work today and it's running smooth as a well aged Scotch. Boy is it ever nice to be driving it again after sitting for a month and a half.

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