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Warranty - Maintenance Agreement Issues

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by consultj, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Club member for 2 years, first time in the forum. Owner of 2nd Bimmer, 2008 750LI (CPO), previously owned 2001 740IL, gave it to my sister when I got 08, 2 years ago. BMW of Rockville, MD sold me 08 and I purchased Extended Maintenance & Warranty until 7/14. Car had 26K when purchased now has 45K. Took car in for: 1) passenger seat thigh support doesn't work; 2) shade on left passenger side hangs up due to loose panel material; 3) passenger front door does not work with keyless entry [all other doors work without key/remote]. Dealer advised that 4yr Warranty ended 3/12. Explained that my purchase order or no other document listed 3/20008 as an In-Service date and therefore, they should honor requests for repairs under "Customer Loyalty" and Car Club Membership.

    They refused and charged for repairs based on my Extended Warranty Coverage only. Bottom line they would repair items number 1 & 3 under EWC and charge deductible.

    Member of MBCA also and the dealer treats me much better. Any Suggestions?
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    steven s

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    Personally and speaking as a member, I'd probably go to Tischer if it's not too late.
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