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Warranty/ Auto X

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by mriley, Sep 5, 2008.

    mriley guest

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    I recently purchased a CPO 2005 M3. I was wanting to participate in a BMW CCA Auto X. Will this void my warranty? I have read the owners manual cover to cover and the 2005 BMW M3 Service and Warranty Information guide # SD 92-269 page 30 states:

    This Warranty shall be null and void if the vehicle identification number has been altered or cannot be read, if the odometer has been replaced or altered and the true mileage cannot be determined, if the vehicle has been declared a total loss or sold for salvage purpose, or if the vehicle has been used in any competitive event.

    Does this include a Rally or a Concours event? I mean they are competive as well. I am not going to turn into a race car, just something I can drive slightly spirited on a parking lot.:)

    Autohaus guest

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    Just make sure you pray every night, help an older lady with her grocery's and especially don't over-rev (though I think the newer E46 M3's have the 7,600 rev limiter instead of the 2001 8,000 redline limit which caused the engines to blow up, along with the SMG equipped cars as well. ). I am sure that for any M car (non M car too) the stealership will check the DME and/or the "black box" (could be the same as DME?) to make sure you didn't abuse the engine/tranny before they go into limp mode.
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    Well, go to the AutoX with the intention of having fun and not competing. That way, it's not a competitive event. :)

    Like a Driver's School - they say it's not a competitive event, so hey...

    mriley guest

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    Simple, I like it. :D

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