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Wanted: GDI intake cleaning service in the Washington DC Metro area

Discussion in 'North Atlantic Region' started by e46m3zcp, Sep 8, 2020.

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    Good day all. It's time for (Way past in all honesty) the dreaded intake valve cleaning on my '11 335is. Can anyone recommend a reputable shop that performs such service? I've researched all the online videos/tutorials outlining walnut vs chemical methods but would still like to speak to a professional who has experience with the task. (Not real confident in the local dealer network)

    Thanks in advance...
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    Have you tried BIMRS.ORG? You vehicle has the N54 and dealers/independents gained a lot of experience with that engin. Unfortunately the N55 as essentially made cleaning moot if not an "as needed" maintenance interval.

    The reality is that the job itself is not hard it's just time consuming especially when you're dealing with 9 yr old plastic connectors which have become brittle due to the heat cycling within the engine bay.

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