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waking up an m6 euro, first post

Discussion in 'E24 M6 (1987-1998)' started by paradise930, Apr 28, 2008.

    paradise930 guest

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    my emotions carried me headlong into purchaseing an uninspected 1985 m6 euro rustbucket.

    i did not pay much but the car does have rust and other than that i can only go by what the seller has told me that it will run with a new battery.

    i still have not started the car. i had it towed to my home this week. based on what i saw on the web it is what it was presented as. i think they call it an e88 engine.

    i bought the car as a fun no major investment car that i can use on the road and at the track a few times a year with out worring about crashing my beautiful investment.

    so i would like to wake this car up correctly and i have read and been told all kinds of things like:

    drain the gas and replace (i dont know how to drain the gas correctly)
    change the oil
    change the spark plugs
    check and fill the radiator w coolant(water first in case it leaks right out after filling)
    squrt atf into the combustion chamber but i know that i wont cover the entire ring seat
    replace battery
    turn crank manually back and forth to loosen any seising

    this sounds kind of fun. can anyone add to the confusion or help me with a good way to clear the fuel line efficiently.

    any feedback is welcome.

    i have not so far as ever heard one idle let alone take it out and drive it. i have been with out a hobby car for a couple of years and i am very excited.

    unfortunitly i am verb busy at work and will have only a couple of hours a week to work on it for a while.

    John from Virginia

    Ps: as you can tell from my user name i used to drive a different four wheeler.

    Eric Reed guest

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    Hey. sorry for the long delay in responding to your post. Have you had any time to make much progress?

    Welcome to M6 ownership. I certainly think it's one of the most rewarding cars to own. I did want to say that bringing one back is usually not an inexpensive proposition. So don't go into it blind. If the car has been sitting, besides the engine, you'll need to keep an eye on the cooling system, the brakes, clutch, maybe some electrical.

    Good luck with it, and keep us posted.


    DaHose guest

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    If it's a true Euro, then you have an M88 engine with the crazy mixed up headers. All you might need is a cam gear and perfomance chip to get more like 315 HP out of it.

    First things first. You should get a cheap siphon pump and suck all the fuel out of the tank. Then remove the tank altogether and test it for leaks. Replace the fuel filter, put the tank back and refill, disconnect the fuel line at the injector rail. Put an extension hose on there and turn the engine power on, so the pump flushes the lines. You should also take out the injectors and see about having them ultrasonically cleaned. Once everything is back together, do the other stuff you wrote down. If the engine hasn't run in a LONG time, the seals can go bad and you will be blowing lots of black smoke. If that happens, you will need to at least pull the head and replace oil seals. If you are going to track this car, maybe you should just pull the engine altogether and do a full teardown inspection. Convert to dual row cam chain in the process, if it isn't done already.

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    If you get so far as to pulling out the gas tanks, it might be worthwhile to replace any flexible fuel lines that might otherwise be inaccessible. Look at any steel brake/fuel lines for rust as well - if you have the gas tanks or subframe out, you may never have more convenient access to replace them.

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