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Vintage Racing/ 84 318i

Discussion in 'Club Racing' started by schroeder6th, May 30, 2008.

    schroeder6th guest

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    I'm preparing a 1984 318i for Vintage Racing.
    I am having a problem finding "Historical Information" regarding what Series and what Classes these cars competed in.
    Can someone please direct me to where i might find such information.
    Thanks, Fred
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    I doubt if a 318i would qualify as "vintage".
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    AFAIK, the 318 was not actively campaigned in any racing back in the day. The euro E30 323i would have been the go to car for racing after the E21 320i.
    Any particular reason? Do you plan to race one?
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    well hmm.. Korman raced the first E30 M3's in the states - may have been the first or among the first to race any E30's that came here. You might call and ask to talk to Ray. You might try emailing Brian Morgan or Jeremy Walton to ask on leads on the first E30's that may have been raced in Europe or England.

    I'd ask the organizers for clarification, but this says '318' falls into the SVRA 8/RS class -


    But ya, the problem's going to be finding if anyone was racing 318i's, and getting the info the make the car period correct per the rules, etc. I don't have the Bentley Roundel compilation CD, there might be something in the '82-'85 Roundels, perhaps someone here has it and could take a look. I think Korman raced 325e's in the IMSA Firehawk series, prepping a car to those specs might be more easily accomplished, probably easier to document & spec one of those.

    Good Luck -

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