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Valentine One install X5

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by sc1523, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Non BMW approved accessories will void warentee... I have searched the web for good info to put my V1 in my 2nd X5 and decided on this. Use the suction cup mount from www.PerformancePackage.net
    or the visor clip if you like. With a trim tool or a dull butter knife slide in along the front of the over head console 1" from each side are the clips that hold the console. Once you contact these light downward pressure will open the console downward, hinged at the back. Once its open look for the small green / white wire heading out to the mirror, this is the home link power and it's 12v switched power. Put the vampire clip on the wire close to the mirror exit. Place the V1 power module with the velcro patch on the underside of the roof to the left of the opening of the console. Run the black ground wire to the screw holding the moonroof motor, or drill a small hole next to it and use a small sheet metal screw to secure the ground (be careful if drilling not to pimple the outer roof). Run the phone cord from the power module through the mirror wire opening and use a zip tie to anchor it to the suction cup mount. Test the unit before closing the console.. My mount sits mainly behind the mirror with the V1 just under the mirror's left side. Very easy to unplug and remove to avoid theft..

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