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Usernames: why and their meaning

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Devilsown, Feb 1, 2009.

    Devilsown guest

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    So I have often wondered what compelled people to chose their usernames or make them what they do.

    For me

    Devilsown or Devilsown96 I use them as I work at the 96th amu and we are know as the Red Devils, or The Devils Own.

    My other usernames I use is Phantom

    I use it as my fav paintball marker is the Phantom made by CCI and people like to say Im like a ghost on the field, I never seem to get hit and I seem to "disapear and reappear" in diffrent spots, when in truth I just know when to move and how to play.

    Thats my story.
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    John in VA

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    My first name is John and I live in Virginia.
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    Had the plates

    but when club plates came out I could only do 6 letters so now I have these plates. I use L8APX on some other forums.

    BMWtoyz guest

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    "BMWtoyz" because I had a personalized plate on my 97 Z3 2.8, it was a BMW, was like a toy, and it was a "Z". Do not have that car any longer!

    JackinMidtown guest

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    JackinMidtown because I used to live in an area of Memphis called "Midtown". I now live in the suburbs, but have used this name for so many years on so many other forums, I couldn't change it. Besides, JackinSuburbiaHell just doesn't have the same ring to it.

    WDW1Fanatic guest

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    I'm Walt Disney World's #1 Fanatic, or at least one of the many out there. ;)
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    "Bimmerdan" because...well, my name is Dan and I have this addiction....:)
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    kkratoch is short for my name

    drummerfc guest

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    Because I'm an aspiring drummer (been playing almost 4 yrs. now at the very young age of 50!)...and my initials are FC. Pretty straightforward - LOL!

    T-BNZ325 guest

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    All of my friends call me T-Bone, one of the first things I got for the Bimmer was a euro plate. Wanted it to say T-Bone's 325i, but that was too long so I settled on T-BNZ 325.
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    Too lazy to bother with punctuation ...
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    Bev and I have been through thick and thin since we were 14, so after 30+ years of shared lives we attribute our happiness to the mutual love of all things BMW and teamwork.
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    Jeff Gomon

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    Not creative enough to come up with anything more than my name.....David "Jeff" Gomon....have always gone by my middle name...thanks Mom. My other screen name is BMWM591....if you take it apart, it is my car make, model and year - BMW M5 91.... That is about as clever as I get unfortunately.
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    My username

    First initial and last name. Not very interesting as some of the others. Hmmm, I may have to think up a better one.

    BMWides110377 guest

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    My full name is Brandon Michael Wides and my DOB is 11/03/1977....I am not very creative when it comes to user names. I just kept it simple

    Vmo guest

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    Vmo is an aeronautical engineering term (Velocity max operating)

    It sounds impressive, but I fly old slow airplanes and drive old slow cars (so I can afford to fly old slow airplanes) so I still don't get anywhere all that quickly.

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