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Upgrade stereo or add Soundplicity?

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by nigel, Jul 9, 2014.

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    nigel 06 E85 3.0i Z4

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    I have an 06 E85 Z4 3.0i with std Hi-Fi and I'm looking to add Bluetooth / iPod. Bavsound offers the Soundplicity upgrade - has anyone done this? Is it any good?

    What are the simple alternatives, if any?
    From what I've read here and in other forums, it seems replacing the Business CD head isn't a simple operation with integration to the existing amp. Have things changed in the last couple of years with newer head units?

    Has anyone upgraded speakers from Bavsound? Are they much better?
    (I realize there have been a number of similar posts over the years, I'm hoping someone has recent experience of doing this).
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    Haven't done anything w/ late model stereos, so I'm not much help - I think Satch had an article in the Roundel about putting a Dice unit in his Z4 sometime in the last year or so, maybe the Dice thing is an alternative.
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    I do have the soundplicity set up in my e46 and love how it works its great. Personally I don't like installing any aftermarket head units or sound parts to my cars. bavsound has great products for speakers and they are plug and play and sound a lot different for sure but they are quite expensive.

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