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Unhappy 05z4

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by 05z4girl, Jul 4, 2008.

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    ok so i was told that i was going to get my z4 back to day. but then when we called flow bmw yesterday they said that it will be next week before i can get my car back. apparently the F150 did more damaged than we thought because the people at flow told us that once they took the bumper off there was more damage. that don't really surprise me because two days after it got hit i took it down to the beach and my boyfriend was driving it and it was making some kind of popping noise he thinks there is something wrong with the sespention and how it holds so im not sure what else is wrong. but i really miss my z4 because driving my mom x3 is horrible i hate it. the thing is was too haevy and dose not drive well at all. but i guess ill have to wait till next week to get it back but i dont know when next week though!?

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    Well the X3 isn't so bad. My boss just bought one and she can't stop talking about how great it handles compared to her previous car... *cough*ChevyTrailblazer*cough*

    But I guess when you go from a Z4 to an SUV nothing seems good enough. lol

    Hope you get it fixed soon, and properly. The last thing you need is a rush job that isn't up to par. If there's ANYTHING wrong with it still after you get it back that wasn't there before the accident, let them know because all this waiting time can kill a person, so it'd better be worth it. :D
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    That's totally normal. There's no way for the body shop to know how much actual damage there is until they dig down into it. Don't be surprised if they end up having to delay it again because they have to order some additional parts they didn't realize they needed (speaking from first hand experience here).

    Like az3579 said, be glad they are not rushing the job and that they are doing it right. It's definitely worth the wait to have it done 100%.

    As to driving the X3...didn't the insurance company provide you with a rental car while yours was being repaired? I thought that was almost automatic? When I got hit, the other guy's insurance company made it perfectly clear that I was entitled to a rental for as long as I needed it. No sense putting wear and tear on the X3 when you could be doing it to a rental. Of course, if you hate the X3, just wait until you get into a rental!! I was provided with a Prius! I loved the gas mileage (averaged 64 MPG on my daily commute!!) but it was embarassing getting beaten by a bicycle when the light turned green.

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