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Unable to initialize the Keyless FOBs

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by elias.juan, Aug 26, 2009.

    elias.juan guest

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    Hello Everybody!

    I'm writing this post, because I'm frustrated with my "Alarm" system, and I don't want to believe that it might be the Central Lock System, please help me troubleshoot it... Here are the Facts and Symptoms:

    -It's a 95' 540 with the "Anti-Theft System IV" (DWA IV)

    -The "original" rearview mirror was broken so it needed to be replaced and while I had the battery disconnected I replaced it (it wasn't working before but at least the Alarm was disarmed)

    -In the users manual it said that it should come with an additional book with the Alarm Instruction which is not available and of course never was so I don't know how to "Disarm" it either (playing around seems like it's not working now though).

    -When I try to Initialize the Keys' they do the process (at least they do show that with the led) but nothing happens on the car.

    -If I open with the Key from the Drivers' side, it unlocks everything but the back doors (the trunk works) and it doesn't disarm the Alarm, if I try the same from the Passenger side, it unlocks everything but the back doors and it does disarm the Alarm.

    (Wait, it gets worse)

    -I can lock everything from the Drivers' side but I can't from the Passengers side (it comes back like if there's a door open, which is not and the hood switch is working properly).

    -I can manually open the door behind the passenger side but not the one behind the drivers side (which eventually works sometimes if the car reaches certain temperature)

    -Seems like someone deliberately cut off the cables to the gas pump from the Alarm so I can still start the car when the Alarm goes off...

    I really would like to fix this "Baby"

    elias.juan guest

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    Part of the problem found...

    Seems like I would need to work on three doors that are not working with the Keyless entry, but that's another story...
    BMW discontinue some products from time to time, but when they do, they tend to have a replacement for it, well, the rearview mirror that's supposed to replaced the Original on my E34 (and it might be the case for most of them out there) ends up in a very nice and new Electric EC/LED rearview mirror that it will automatically Dim it self (with the clown nose). Part # 51 16 9 134 440 is the "Ultimate Supercession" for most of the old Rear-view mirrors, which is not really true... so be aware, I will keep you posted on which solution do I get from Germany now!

    Attached you will see a screenshot of the Supercession Sequence.


    elias.juan guest

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