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Two Diesel Fillup Mishaps

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by listerone, Aug 2, 2009.

    listerone guest

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    After having pumped about 3 gallons of diesel I realized that it wasn't ultra low sulfur...it was the 500 ppm variety.I immediately stopped pumping and drove another mile of so to do the rest of the fillup with ULSD.My tank now contains about 16.2 gals of diesel...about 3 of which is 500 ppm,rather than 15 ppm.Does anyone know if any damage is likely to occur as a result of this?

    And yes,I've learned my lesson.Until *all* diesel sold is ULSD I'll be checking pumps *very* carefully.

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    My non-professional gut feel is that you do NOT have a problem. The ULSD is primarily a requirement of the EPA to help clean up the air. I've had several diesels over the years, and the one thing they all have in common is that they will burn anything that has Btu's in it. I actually pumped 3 or 4 gallons of 100 octane AVGAS into a '85 300D Mercedes before noting the problem. Just filled it up with diesel and kept the throttle setting low until I could dilute the AVGAS further. My wife accidentally put several gallons of 93 octane into our '99 E300 Mercedes. For that one we had the dealer drain the tank and change the filters. But before they could do it, we had put about 20 miles on the engine. BTW, I sold that car to buy my 335d....and it had 165,000 trouble free miles on it at the time of sale.

    I guess by now that you have added more diesel to dilute the mixture and that it is running fine.

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    another issue I have had is: Some pumps say "5-20% biodiesel" included in this fuel. When I questioned the station owner, he said his supplier provides "summer mix" and then "winter mix" at the appropriate times. I have noticed a lot of the pumps have stickers that say both "Ultra low sulfer" and "this has some biodiesel mixed in, 5-20%". So, which sticker do you trust?

    I have put about 3.5 tankfuls in my car, it has about 1400 miles, everything is fine so far.

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    500ppm Diesel

    Just did the same thing Fri. 6/25...Never thought to look to this forum...The diesel community outside BMWCCA thinks no harm no foul, only problems arise when you accidentally mix petrol in your diesel...although an old friend use to put 2 gallons or so in his winter diesel for better starting, back in the days of 1,2,3 grade diesel...I don't recommend this!
    The only down side I see is the soot catcher gets clogged and need replacing and higher emissions.

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