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Turnermotorsports 20% OFF ALL Transactions

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by kbryant_cnst, Apr 26, 2016.

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    I have a 335d and was shopping on Turner Motorsports website for the first time. I came across a spoiler for a good price and it said it was the entire kit, even had a picture of the product. I bought it, or so I thought, they emailed me and said they had a glitch in the website and they could not sell me the part that I ordered for that amount, but if I would paypal them the 500% difference they would be happy to send me the part. I told them that it is very poor of them to not honor sales on their website and I moved on with life. Then the Sales Manager got involved, he shouldn't have, emailed me telling me how this is all my fault, I searched out there issues and exploited them, how dare I ask them to honor a sale that I specifically sought out. My interest in making this right was repeaked by this Manager's approach to customer service, so I emailed him back and said he really should leave customer service to the first guy because that person was polite and left me a little disappointed, but not infuriated like I am now. I told him that I would file a Better Business Bureau complaint about the failure to honor a sale that was made by his business and I said I would post on this forum the horrible customer service that was offered. He said that prices on the website are subject to change before and AFTER the sale. I don't know what that means, AFTER the sale, but it sounds illegal. Anyway, he also said that when I posted this to tell anyone shopping for parts that if they called in the order and mentioned this post and his name "Jason Gannett" he would give each person 20% off their entire order! I hope that everyone in the country needs a part because this will cost him a lot more than the $400 difference in my part. He probably won't honor this, but I do have it in writing if anyone wants the email, just let me know and I'll forward it. Happy Motoring! My 335d is still AWESOME even without a spoiler!!!!

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