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turn signal flasher switch

Discussion in 'BMW' started by 85763, Dec 29, 2014.

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    I have a 1988 325is with a turn signal that works some times only. When left on for 10+ clicks it stops working. Figure it's the flasher switch but don't know which switch it is. K1-K9 in fuse box or is it under dash. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Robert Humphrey
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    Assuming all fuses & relays are ok, and nothing with the unlikely possibility of the wiring, harness, & connector...

    The Bentley manual runs through testing for the turn signal switch and says to replace the switch if any faults are found. Given the age, I'd just replace the flasher switch, which is part of the turn-signal stalk, in the steering column. You have to remove the panel on the underside of the steering column for access. Take a picture or two before removing the switch if there's any potential variability to how wiring is positioned or might be reinstalled after removal. I don't know if the switch is purely mechanical or includes some electronics - the fastest remedy is just to replace with new. If there's electronics in it, I doubt you'd find any wiring diagrams to trace the circuits, I think BMW dealer manuals wouldn't even have that as it would be deemed too expensive and time consuming to go further than identifying a faulty part and replacing it. You could probably find any number of them on ebay or from the used-parts houses advertising in the Roundelfor just a few bucks, although they might have similar age & wear, so you can decide if it's worth it for a more expensive newer part or opting for a used part that might or might not be just fine for a long time.

    Part # 2 here: (you may want to start at the beginning to input the correct manufacturing month, in case there was some part change for some reason)


    I didn't check elsewhere for other pricing, but -


    Might be worth a call to your local dealer for a price comparison - some dealers offer 'CCA members a price discount on parts... like - 10% maybe?
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    I would lean more towards your relay for the flashers being bad. Its is located under the dash kick panel. Also when the flashers stop working try the hazard button if the lights don't come one you most likely need a hazard button for some reason the turn lights go through the hazard button. If they do come on then you may need a stalk switch. Hope this helps.
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    shelbyvnt Baby Bee...

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    Look what showed up in my in-box today!


    4.Wellingtonia house,Hellyears close.Woodgate Lane
    North Ferriby,Hull.HU143JD,UK
    United Kingdom.

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    The Board of Directors, members of staff and the International Awareness
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    This makes you the proud owner of a brand new BMW 5 Series, M Sport
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    Okay, Great News, a new 5 Series Saloon car & 1.7 million British pounds!

    But, before I send in my resignation & start looking for a castle in Germany...

    Anybody ever hear of the BMW Automobile International Awareness Promotion?

    Seriously, did everybody get this notification?

    Is it April already? Thought you guys would want to know about this. I would imagine
    you would want to keep the BMW name clear of this kind of activity. There is a screen address
    if you are interested in following up with the IAP.

    That is, unless it's true & I'm living large...

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