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Trying to get rid of a 2002 shell + other sheet metal

Discussion in '114 type 1600, 2002, 2002ti/tii (1967-1976)' started by bfeng, Feb 9, 2010.

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    Last summer I cleaned out my collection of 2002 bits (most of it went to the junkyard, including a compete 2002tii suspension/engine). I also managed to totally screwup a deal where a really great club member wanted to buy some of my NOS sheet metal. At the last second my emotions got the best of me and I hauled 1 shell + new early nose/tail/hood/trunk back to Boston.

    As I just mentioned ... I screwed up. I don't think I'll ever have time to finish this 2002 project (I've got 2 other restoration projects underway that'll keep me busy for 5 years).

    So, if you are interested I have

    1) an early shell (w suspension, brakes, rear end, no engine/cooling system, minimal interior/trim, no bumpers)
    The shell is rust free except for some surface rust on a few patches of bare metal. It has always been rust free. You're welcome to come poke at it with a screw driver. I already tacked on a new early style nose/tail (this was NOS sheet metal I bought in 1990 so it fits really well). The shell does need some repair. There's a very slight dent in the roof (box fell on it), a small dent in the right rear quarter (can be pulled out), and a larger dent in the left rear quarter. This last one can be repaired, but I would recommend biting the bullet and just replacing the quarter. It's only a couple weekends of work (10 for a 2002 specialist, 20 hours for a shade-tree mechanic).

    2) I have a rust free but used hood, trunk, and fenders from a '76. They were slightly rusty in the seams when I bought my '76, but I had them blasted and then repainted and waxoyl'd. There are a couple surfact rust spots (2" in dia) from sitting in a barn for 15 years, but they're otherwise really clean. I also have a couple of doors (used but rust free).

    3) early NOS hood/trunk. This stuff was bought way back around 1990, and they still has the dealer part labels on them (barely readable). As new except for a thick layer of dust.

    BJ Feng
    Sudbury, MA

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    Mike Sedgwick

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    Hi BJ,

    do you have a trunk lid for a 76 2002? i need one as mine is shot and i want to get the entire car painted after i rebuild the engine...

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    Yes, the used lid is off a 1976 2002. I also have the hood from this car and other misc parts off that '76 car.

    John Feng
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    HI, BJ -

    I'm a new member, and I'm restoring a ''76 2002A. Actually, a professional is doing the body work but he is allowing me to save money by finding repair parts as I am able. I owned a nice 2002 many years ago but I never had to do any work on it so I don't know a lot about the car, such as how the body parts are made and how much you can take apart. For example, I'm not too sure what a "nose" or a "tail" consists of. Also not too familiar with some of the terms you use, like "NOS sheet metal", "early" and "late".
    The two areas that are badly rusted and need metal are the door sills and the lower section of the rear, below the bumper, which I think is called a valance, The body shop has told me that they can fabricate the parts if necessary, but that it will be less expensive if I can come up with repair parts, new,used or reproduction.
    Do you think I could use any of what you have? Another question, if you don't mind. The car is a US model with the energy-absorbing bumpers which are in bad shape and very expensive to replace. Do you know if they can be replaced with the Euro stlye bumpers?
    Thanx -

    Mike B.

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