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Discussion in 'E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)' started by cecilbishop, Apr 23, 2008.

    cecilbishop guest

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    :)I have a 1998 BMW Z3 in excellent condition, But I have a problem I don't know where to check the transmission fluid. I also have a problem with the front seats the stop screw has worn out on both seats I need to know where I can get new ones.

    Thank you Cecil Bishop

    Autohaus guest

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    You have the M52 engine in your Z3, which does not have a transmission dipstick. This is due to the "life-time" fluid factory fill. Do you have an automatic gearbox or 5-speed? Best bet is to have the fluid changed now if it were a 5-speed. What is your mileage? If you have high-mileage and have the auto box with never having the fluid changed/flushed, then most bimmerphiles out there agree that just to leave it alone and not have it changed. I read in alot of Bimmer magazine articles and on tech talk that a flush/change will cause harm in a perfectly shifing auto trans. As for your seats, I don't have any experience with the Z3 seats. Maybe the dealer for the stop screw? Hope I helped somewhat.

    M3Driver guest

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    ^^^What he said.

    Mike Miller of Tech Talk has said that he recommends leaving a high-mileage already-ok-shifting automatic transmission alone. Sometimes when an owner changes the fluid on such a trans, problems start to happen (slippage, etc..). Maybe a bit of sludge was flushed loose where it was doing no harm into an area where it was.

    I left the transmission fluid alone in my '00 528i with 102k miles and it just went happily to a new owner shifting as good as it did the day it was new.


    194648 guest

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    I had an '02 Z3-M for a few years, but it was a 5 speed

    The guys are right about changing it if its a 5 speed, The jury is still out on the automatics. I changed the fluid on a '97 540i with 111k miles on it, dont know if it had ever been done, but as you know, changing it one time does not get all the fluid out. Believe it takes 3 changes timed precisely with the temps, etc., to get almost all of it out, and that is where the problems start for older high mileage trannys. Guys ont he Roadfly
    E-39 board have documented this quite well with pics, etc. You wouldnt believe the amount of gunk in the pan and stuck to the believe its 5 magnets in the pan..
    I think it all comes down to what you think is more important, and everyone will have a different opinion here, no problem. For me, the cost of having my Independent shop do it by the BMW book is cheaper than having to pay thousands for a new tranny. I agree, its a gamble to take, but I like to take informed risks sometimes.
    If its a stick, pleae be sure to make sure you can get the fill plug loose first, before you loosen the drain plug. If its frozen in place and you drain it, you are toast for awhile until you can get that fill plug out.. Good luck. DanF

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