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Transmission Fail Safe Program

Discussion in 'E38 (1995-2001)' started by greeno15, May 25, 2008.

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    97 740i with 103K miles. Very well maintained with all fluids routinely serviced -- including transmission and differential fluids.

    Wife noticed :Trans Fail Safe Prog" warning after start. Turned engine off and restarted. Message went away. Apparently this happened several days in a row before I was informed of problem -- early morning phone call while on the road.

    Now warning is on constantly. Car operates normally -- i.e. is not stuck in 4th gear but wife stated was hard to place in reverse for drive home from work.

    I had the car serviced last week to replace driver lap belt -- "SRS Sensor" While serivicing the car the Dealership Service Department found a water leak in the engine volley area and expansion tank -- replace volley pan and and expansion tank and hose at dealership.

    Had a "Check Engine / Service Engine Soon" warning the next day. Dealership ran fault test. Stated probably triggered faul when testing car after repairs.

    I doubt any of this is related to the "Trans Fail Safe Prog" caution and is just coincidfental.

    Any suggestions????

    P.S. -- The wife stated late last night that the "Check Engine" light was also on again. Another Sites Forum suggested "low Voltage / Battery" as a potential source. I checked and indeed had 12 Volts. Disconnected and charged the battery. NO NOTES/ WARNINGS/CAUTIONS at start-up. WOW!!!

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