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Tracking New Car Build / Trip to Dealer

Discussion in 'Buy, Lease, Finance & Insurance' started by BIMMIR, Jun 10, 2010.

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    I ordered a new BMW about 5 weeks ago. It shows as enroute! :)
    From hearing others in the past, I know the BMW website seems to be behind where the car actually is. Also, I know there is a way to enter your vin or production # and monitor your car more closely with the shipping company. I trhink you can see what boat it is on and where it is?
    Does anyone know the details about this that you can share with me??


    Signed....anxious & giddy

    Update, I just found this on line so I'm offering it for anyone else who might like it. If anyone knows anything else, please chime in.

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    I ordered a new 328i on Aug. 5 2010. It was scheduled to begin production on Aug. 9. It sat around for about 3 weeks in South Africa. It finally showed up as In Transit at the web site last Tuesday Sept. 14 2010. I had to contact the dealer to get the name of the ship that it is on, and they got back to me right away. I have been able to locate the ship at http://www.marinetraffic.com. I got this site by googleing the name of the ship. Unfortunately, it looks like the ship is now heading for a port on the North-West corner of Spain. I had heard that all beemers must ship from Germany, and my guess is that in the next day or two I will see the ship heading through the English channel, bound for Bremerhaven. As far as the bmwusa site is concerned, you need the production or vin number, and then you can register that vehicle as belonging to you. It will then show you minimal info as to its status. Good luck with your new one.
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