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Track Day !

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by DonM5, Sep 27, 2009.

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    I'm all set to take my 07 M5 out for a 2 day track session. Had the machine for about 5 weeks, love it! Trying to learn how to drive it properly and thought track time, with instructor input, would be amazingly fun and educational.
    Im looking for tips from anyone with experience at the track.

    Anything I need to do for prep, i.e. fluids, brakes, I-drive settings, etc.?

    I understand track safety rules require driving with all windows down (drivers window only in the rain). Is there any type of aftermarket product or strategy to deflect wind and rain at the drivers window? Not too enthusiastic about soaking my interior but the events go on rain or shine.
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    Welcome to the forums! Congrats on the M5 and getting out to the track as well. If you're signed up for a BMW CCA chapter driver's school, they should have available for download, or mail to you, an information packet with tech forms to get your car checked over by a qualified shop, mechanic or dealer, along with other pertinent information and requirments. If you're doing a track event that is not a 'CCA event, then you'll have to check w/ the organizers as per their specific requirements.

    However, it is highly recommended to have your car checked over - you'll want freshly (or within the last 6 mos.) changed brake fluid, your brake pads should not be worn - with your car, I'd say you'd want fresh pads, or nearly so. 50% or less probably is not enough to be sure you potentially don't run out of pads over the weekend. And there's a variety of other important things to check out - the tech form should cover the basics.

    Peruse the forums here: http://bmwcca.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=139&order=desc for driving-school related and post any additional questions there. Since you have a high-hp car, perhaps better to leave the various traction-control systems enabled and discuss with your instructor if you want to change any of those over the course of your event.

    There are these - make sure they're mounted securely - obviously inconvenient to lose track time because your deflectors start flappin' in the breeze -


    Hopefully your weekend is not subjugated to a deluge.

    Consider taking an extra set of brake pads - get an inspection mirror and a bright flashlight so you can check pad-thickness w/out having to pull a wheel - http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=7361

    You'll need a helmet if they don't have loaners for you, if it's a 'CCA event you'll need a Snell SA2005-rated helmet, MA-2005 may be acceptable depending on the requirements. If you plan on doing more track events, it's worth purchasing your own; SA-rated helmets are more appropriate for automotive-use environments than M-rated.

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    Track Day!

    Thank's to everybody. Great suggestions! Looking forward to a great weekend.

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