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TPMS 08 e93

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by brendan_stanton, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Heyo so this morning as I was about to head to work for a bit I noticed as I turned the car on both the yellow and red tire pressure warning lights were on. It had been raining hard since about 3 Am and it was 11 am at the time normal temperature. So I went and looked all the tires checked them. All looked fine checked the pressure, few were a couple psi off. So I drove it around the neighborhood for a couple minutes then reset the warning. The red tire failure went off but the yellow remained. So I googled and that meant the sensors it self failed. Thought oh well tires are fine. After this 40 minute ordeal of deciding whether or not to risk it if I had some unseeable flat or if the sensor was just acting up. I said oh well and as i was leaving the neighborhood the yellow light turned off.
    I'm just curious on you fella's opinion on it. Everything was fine on the 30 minute ride. And hours later leaving work and back.
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    If you haven't replaced the tpms sensors on the wheels since they were new, then my guess would be most likely, the pressure sensor battery is at the end of it's life, although sensor failure is possible. Either way, the fix is replace the sensors; or live with the nuisance of the alert warnings. Turner did sell a tpms bypass, but it also permanently disables the system - meant for track-driven cars, so that's not a stop-gap measure to get you to the the next tire purchase. Sensors are a bit pricey, the install isn't that big of a deal, the tires have to be dismounted, new sensors installed, tires re-mounted, & balanced. The price of that technology, at least in its current state, as it were. The sensor batteries are glued-in, so you can't swap them out for fresh like other battery-operated items.
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    These issues are never fun. Could be a tire sensor, module, trigger, antenna. Normally if there is a system failure the yellow tire light will flash then go solid. If this is not happening then wait until the lights come on and get the faults read. These old tpm system were over complicated.

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