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Top is stuck on Z4

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by pharris, Jul 5, 2011.

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    My top indicator light show that the top is not completely up and I can get it to open either manually or automatically. when I drive it there is obviously air coming in on the drivers side indicating it truly is not up or locked on that side. It appears at though the control mechanisms are accessible it the plastic portion of the headliner is removed but I cannot figure out how it comes off. Any ideas?
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    My guess would be that

    My guess would be that your soft top motor has died. The motor is subject to water immersion when the soft top drains become blocked, which they do quite easily. Here is a link to everything you could want to know about the soft top:


    Alternatively, it could be the "Compartment Floor Switch" located on the back wall of the trunk. The arm can break off the switch. A malfunctioning switch will let you raise the top but not lower it. Just make sure your top floor is in the DOWN position. You may want to cycle the floor up and down a few time to make sure. If that does not clear the problem, then remove the switch and activate it yourself while having a second person operate the top. If that fixes the problem then simply order and install a new switch.

    Just be warned, a bad motor will cost in excess of $3,000 if you have a BMW dealer do the repair. You can probably get a specialists do it for under $2,500. Good luck.
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    I may be reading this wrong but it sounds like your top does go up and down correctly but does not lock into place on the window frame when up.

    If this is correct then it sounds like your top latches are not locking to the window frame. (Known issue....)
    Try lubricating the latches on the top and the two rollers on the window frame.
    If you remove the center access plate in the center of the top, you will see a hex key hole. This is the manual actuation of the latching/locks. Using a hex key to rotate the actuator, lubricate the a fingers on the latches while moving the latches to the locked and unlocked position. This just might fix your issue before you start digging into the top locking/latching hardware.

    The procedures on the link listed above are my procedures. More information on the top is here on my site:
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    Just shot you a message,

    Zdaneman sends

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