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Too tall

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by agranner, Apr 25, 2008.

    agranner guest

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    Hi -

    I've been driving my '93 325i (sunroof) for almost three years no. My standard seat position is all the way down. My leg and arm reach is good, but my hair rubs on the headliner. Never been a problem until I started to autocross. No just to fit with a helmet on, I have to tilt way back so I'm hyper-extending my arms and I still have to tilt my head to the side.

    Question: How can I modify my driver's seat to get my butt closer to the floor? Sport seats? Manual seats? I'm pretty handy and I've taken seats out before. I think I need about 1.5" - 2.5".

    Does anyone have any experience modifying E36 stock, powered seats?


    -- Aubrey Granner
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    Sounds like you're in a similar boat as the guy w/ stock 2002 seat. If you can get your hands on a E36 sport seat that you could swap in just to try it on for size, that would be a first no-cost option, if you've got anyone that would let you do that. Then you'd know if the sport seat adds any headroom for ya. (I don't know, myself, hopefully someone else here might offer up some experience....)

    After that, you can probably most easily gain a little headroom using an aftermarket seat that's manually adjustable. I think TC Kline makes a point of selling Recaro brackets that may offer a little extra headroom for _some_ cars (not sure about E36's - might be shown on the TC Kline website however)

    I doubt there's anything you can conveniently or easily modify on the stock seat while still keeping it safe that'll lower it much.

    Dr Obnxs guest

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    Seat swap is the answer....

    and you're not alone. I drove a 135 on the track and had the very same issue you're reporting. And I'm only 5'9"!


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