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To my friend, Stephen Roth:

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by az3579, Dec 5, 2010.

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    It has been a while since I've seen you last. Much time has passed in between, and things have happened; these things you will never know. I'm a believer that things happen for a reason, regardless of what these things may be. It is unfortunate that certain things took place, and as though a premonition, I can't help but think I've seen it coming for a while.

    I will remember the awesome drives we had through Orange County and beyond, be it in your M3 or with me "trying" to follow you in my E30, and eventually E46. Driving through those twisty and mountainous roads with the sound of that sweet V8 singing its heart out and Linkin Park playing in the background brings back the memory of your good nature, a relaxed demeanor that never seemed rushed or agitated, yet somehow enhanced on those amazing roads. The many times you have been patient and helpful will not be forgotten.

    Recently you have purchased a motorcycle, something called a "Ninja". And on 10/10/2010, you went for a ride on it. Little did you know that later you would have a rendezvous with a deer that strayed onto the road, and that you would be ejected from your bike and into a guardrail, ending your life at the young age of 44.

    We all regret that such a thing has happened, and while it was not of your doing, it happened anyway. Every once in a while we have to ask ourselves why things like this happen to good people and not to others a little more deserving, but then have to come to the realization that regardless of who it is, everyone has their time. Unfortunately, it was yours. It is with a heavy heart that I now say to you; may you rest in peace, and you will never be forgotten.


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    It is a very sad day for Botond and I to find out what happened to our friend. I have tried very hard to hide the tears from this tragic event that occured nearly two months ago. I'll miss the fun times we had cruising together and going to numerous meet and dine events. You are in a better place now and as Botond just said, may you rest in peace. The world lost a great man who passed on way too young.
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    RIP Stephen Roth

    Your time with us was far too brief.

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