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Tips for Having Wheels Reconditioned

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by Dmarque, Aug 15, 2009.

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    I want to get a set of Style 37 Wheels reconditioned to like new condition. There are some deep scratches in the rims and I want to be sure to have them done correctly....to perfection. If anyone has had this done before I would like some advice in hiring this done by the proper people:

    1.) How to determine if the place I am hiring is suitable.
    2.) What specifically to ask for as for finish coating.
    3.) What should I expect to pay.
    4.) My dealer said they would charge $125/wheel. Does this sound like a price representative for a wheel done to "Like new" condition?

    Thank you....

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    I also wanted to present the option of doing it yourself:

    Sounds pretty easy, but if you don't want to risk it, I understand.

    I've been hearing prices from $80/wheel, but I do not know where or when I heard that.
    I'm curious about this too because I want to recondition my wheels as well, and they're beyond the scope of what I'm capable of.
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    John in VA

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    You don't say what size the wheels are - they came on E31/34/38/39 cars in different sizes (widths) & offsets. Are they painted or painted with polished lips? Silver or Hyperchrome?

    http://www.wheelcollision.com shows them $350 to $425 each refinished with polished lips when you send them your wheels.

    I can almost guarantee your dealer does not perform the refinishing, but sends them out. $125 each for stripping, truing, painting and polishing an 18" wheel with a big wide lip is a good price.

    You determine if the place I am hiring is suitable by requesting to see their work, or checking with other members in your chapter to find their suggestions or experiences.

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    Wheel refinishing

    Motomotion in Medina, Ohio, is a very reputable shop. They do a lot of work for car dealers. See their web site www.Motomotion.com. They send them out to a big plant in the midwest for straightening and refinishing. The price you were quoted is excellent.
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    I would also recommend Wheel Collision in Bath PA, http://www.wheelcollision.com . They are a long time advertiser in Roundel and do great work. I used them recently to true and refinish four oem wheels for my 325ix. Not cheap, but worth the price.
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    Motomotion versus Keystone

    I appreciate the Motomotion recommendation. Might be a cost saver for me. I have been told that the best available for sophisitated renovation is Keystone. The complete range of services they provide is to refurbish to BETTER THAN new. Not sure that I need much more than what you've suggested at Motomotion and have contacted them to send me a quote. Keystone is rumored to be $250 per wheel for my staggered 18-9 rears and 18-.8 fronts "raised surface polished forged wheels. I know that I'll get blasted for considering Keystone at that $250 price but I do want these wheels to come out great.....interested to find out from Motomotion what they quote and hear what my expectations should be.

    Here is a link to Keystone. There is a nice video provided here on the full treatment service they provide there. I think most will find it interesting information.

    Also considering spending the money for the M5 wheels rather than recondition these.....
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    Keystone or Motomotion Assitance

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