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Tip on oil change 2008 X3

Discussion in 'E83 X3 (2004-2010)' started by ltorresani, Apr 25, 2008.

    ltorresani guest

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    I would like to know the oil capacity of the engine and the proper procedure to fill
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    what engine do you have?
    have you asked the dealer yet? good place to start...

    194648 guest

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    Once you figure out what size engine, the owners manual

    will tell you the capacity. I would buy the oem filter from the dealer and actually their recommended oil synthetic, I believe for your SUV, would be cheaper than anyone else possibly, and be the correct oil for the engine.
    Get underneath it, find the drain plug, position the pan, and take the plug out., take the oil fill cap off the valve cover on the engine.
    The filter should be topside and has a plastic black cap over it. carefully unscrew it, with a plastic bag over the cover, when its all loose, pull the cover up into the plastic bag and the filter will be stuck to the bottom of the cap. Turn upside down and you have safely caught the cap and oil filter in the bag so there should not be a mess. Make sure to do this after you drain the pan. You will need to replace the o-ring in the cap and the metal washer on the drain plug, these should come with the filter. Hopefully you can get under the vehicle without having to lift it. If you have to lift it, thats a whole other project to do - again look in the manual and see what it says, or search online here or at Roadfly.com under the vehicles that match yours. Good luck with your project. DanF.

    GregS_WI guest

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    Are you guys sure?

    I thought I read in Roundel a while back that since they made the change in 2007, BMW figured you didn't need to know the oil capacity and have removed it from the manual. Remember, there's no dip stick on these engines either. (They are all 3.0 after 2007.)

    Autohaus guest

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    Whoever made the decision to not have anymore dipsticks is a dipstick. I know it is a corny joke, but its true! The oil capacity should be around 8 quarts. Oil level sending units (displaying amount of oil) on the dash have been failing and have caused havoc. Noticed how they elimanating both automatic and manual gearbox dipsticks about 10-13 years ago? For all we know, they will eliminate controlling the climate control, radio setting, and other buttons... Oh wait, all that belongs to IDRIVE!

    194648 guest

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    Another thought, ask the Parts counter guys

    They should know and can look it up, based on your VIN number, so when you are there buying the oil filter, etc., hopefully, you can do all that at once..
    Last way to know is to drain it out into a pan that has markings on the side to tell you how much came out.. Certainly, the Service Advisor or someone can ask the mechanics this question and get you an answer.
    I dont have any Bimmers newer than '03, so Im still safe using the dipsticks in the oil.
    Good luck with this, hope it all works out. DanF
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    The owner's manual for my "08 328 XI does not list any capacities, other than the fuel tank and the windshield washer. I found "Ask Otto" at Bavarian Autosport to be very helpful regarding oil changes. He sent me the capacity as well as a schematic of the oil filter. I was able to purchase BMW recommended synthetic oil and Mann filters from Bavarian.

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