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time for a new...

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by bayarea1, Dec 8, 2015.

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    Bought a M3 4 door manual new in 1997 and finally ready to move on? What's the closest new BMW to that? M235i? What would you get if you basically want a new '97 M3? M3? 340i? M235i? M2? Don't track, short commute but love acceleration and handling.
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    Well, the current M3 is the 4dr version, if you want to stick to 4 doors. Much different car from E36 though, so many things have advanced. If you want something smaller-sized, then you have to look at a 2-series, but, that's 2-dr only. The current 3-series is similarly-dimensioned to the old E34 (more-or-less). M2 will surely be fun to drive. Definitely test drive anything you're considering to ensure ride-quality, etc. is what you want. People seem to be favorably impressed by the turbo 4-cyl. Test drive 'em all, if you're open to that variety of BMW's offerings. Good luck with the search!
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    I would say personally get a sport packaged 335i there are riot and handle decent and are easy on the wallet compared to the M2 and the M235. But personally I enjoy fast 4 doors :)

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