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Ticking sound with engine hum

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by vinaysp, Feb 19, 2011.

    vinaysp guest

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    I have noticed a ticking sound from my engine and want to know if I should take it in for an inspection.

    I have a video of the sound from this morning here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbeOcCbwOjc

    The temp outside when the video was made was 32 degrees and the vehicle was driven about two miles.

    vinaysp guest

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    Here's another update: I called the dealership and they wanted to know how much I drive the car every day. My daily commute is about 4 - 7 miles each way and I hardly use the vehicle for anything else. The person I was talking to said that the lifters don't get enough lubrication when the car is driven only on short drives.

    Anyway, I will be taking the vehicle in on Monday and they will be lubricating the lifters. They will replace the lifters only if the problem persists.

    cwbiii guest

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    Other problems

    You will develop more problems as well... You should take it out for at least a 30 minute drive once a week. And change the oil more often than specified in the owners manual... probably twice per year. Never allowing the engine to get fully up to temperature is not good... the oil and moisture inside the engine combine to form sludge which will interfere with lubrication.There are a couple of tricks to help remove the accumulation without tearing down the motor but they should be done by a mechanic because they do have some risk.( starting with a well warmed up motor you then add somewhere between a pint and a qt of kerosene to the oil and then run/idle it for a few minutes before you do an oil change... this will dissolve some of the sludge into the oil before/after you replace it... exactly how much ,how long, and at what engine speed is what you need an experienced mechanic for... and it would probably void any warranty you've got if something bad happens which is possible)

    Changing the oil more often and getting the engine good and hot at least once per week will probably do the same thing only slower and without as much risk so that is what I would really recommend. There may also be additives you could use but you should talk to a good BMW tech before you put any in.

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    Known issue with Z4's. Search any of the Z4 forums for many posts. I personally had my litters replaced followed by a complete replacement of the head assembly. There is a bad check valve in the head that allows oil to drain from the head when the car sits and gets worse in cold temps. BMW has a SIB out on the problem.

    MrZip guest

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    Had the lifters replaced under warranty last year - absolutely no problems since - even after sitting for several weeks in Dec/Jan.

    Lent325is330xi guest

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    The ticking on our 1990 325is was a bad valve.

    vinaysp guest

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    Let's see what the dealer does today. In my phone conversation while setting up the appointment they seemed very clear that the lifters would not be replaced, only 'lubricated' whatever that means. My dealer hasn't been that great even in dealing with previous problems, and it is only after I make a stink about something that they have paid attention.

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