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The BMW i8 – Ushering in a New Era of Sustainable Performance

Discussion in 'i8' started by BMW NA News, Sep 10, 2013.

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    The BMW i8 — Ushering in a New Era of Sustainable Performance Priced from $135,925 in the US.
    Woodcliff Lake, NJ – September 10, 2013 3:00am EDT/12:00am PDT Today at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW unveiled one of the most widely anticipated cars in its history – the BMW i8. On most levels, this plug-in hybrid 2+2 sports car is unlike any car ever introduced. It was also announced that the BMW i8 will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $135,925 (including destination and handling) when it arrives in US showrooms in spring of 2014.
    The BMW i8 at a glance
    • First plug-in hybrid vehicle from the BMW Group and world's most forward-looking sports car; revolutionary interpretation of BMW’s hallmark driving pleasure; groundbreaking premium character clearly defined in terms of sustainability.
    • 2+2-seater with LifeDrive architecture developed specifically for BMW i, aerodynamically groundbreaking body design and visionary interior design deliver an intense driving experience; Life module passenger cell made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP); drive system technology, high-voltage battery, chassis, and crash and structural functions integrated into the aluminum Drive module; curb weight: 3,285 lbs (1,490 kg); Cd: 0.26; very low center of gravity (below 18 inches/460 millimeters); well-balanced weight distribution.

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    shelbyvnt Baby Bee...

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    Took the BEE in for it's 2014 annual check up. While at the dealership I noticed an i8 on the showroom floor. Okay, I'll admit, it was a little surprising to see this car on the floor of my local dealership, but there it was big as life... Big as, but not real as. It seems that this was a full scale model car. 100% authentic in every detail from the outside, but that's where the likeness stops.

    Cool idea, you get to see the exterior & place your order for future delivery.

    Test drive must be optional.:confused:
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    Interesting - glad we got to see the real thing @ O'Fest!
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    Finally got to see one (a real one) up close and personal at my local dealer last week. I was allowed to poke around the outside but not allowed to sit inside sadly.

    It really is much bigger and MUCH lower in person. Some of the details are amazing up close but I was surprised by the tiny trunk, not much bigger than the frunk of the i3. Certainly not a car for golfers!

    I can't believe they carried over one of my biggest design complaints from the i3 to the i8. The rocker panels directly under the doors of the i8 are the same unpainted textured plastic that are on the i3. They are a major PITA to keep clean and attract dirt/grass/crap like nobody's business. It annoying on a $50k car but I can't imagine how annoyed I'd be after spending triple that and still having grass clippings stuck to my freshly washed i8.

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    Does anyone have this car yet? About to put down a deposit, can't believe there is no one out there yet or am I missing forum?
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    Can't afford one yet but do get to work and drive them and so far have been a really nice car but time will tell of course!
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    I guess they've been selling, but I'd also guess the pricing probably precludes 3er-like ubiquity. Considering the relatively sparse number of forum participants compared to overall number of 'CCA members, doesn't surprise me we haven't seen anyone else rolling around in one pop up here yet. I know of at least one local member in my chapter with one, but they're not on these 'CCA forums.
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    Bobby Rahall BMW brought one for display at the Historics at Pitt Race this past weekend. Parked it at the Allegheny Chapter's hospitality tent. (And when the Allegheny Chapter says hospitality, they mean it.)

    The i8 was unlocked and we were encouraged by the dealership personnel to get in, try it on for size, figure out the best ingress/egress technique, and look in the trunk. Not sure if they will be bringing it to display at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in Schenley Park this weekend.

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