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The BMW Bicycle Lift and Roof Rack thing

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by human, Jun 14, 2008.

    human guest

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    Hi folks. I want to get that hydraulic arm lift and roof rack cross piece for my 2005 325xi SportsWagon. I've talked to dealers and BMW corporate and I just am not getting PRECISELY what parts I need to get all of this together such that I can get my bike up onto my wagon's roof and LOCK it securely to the roof, period.

    I know I need the:

    1 82-11-9-404-098 BICYCLE LIFT BMM
    1 (possibly 2 if I want to take 2 bikes) 82-71-0-403-104 RACK SUPPORT BM

    but don't I also need what they call a:

    "lockable touring bike carrier" - a sort of cradle mechanism that goes on top of the "rack support" for the bike tires to sort of sit in?

    And re the "lockable bike carrier" - which one, racing OR touring? MY bike's tires are a HAIR less than 1" wide but are too wide for the racing version of that part. Hello - anybody have any experience or advice re this? I have a Cannondale road bike - it's not a racing bike and it sure isn't a mountain bike.

    Someone - help! I'm just not getting any sort of dependably clear answers from anybody. Thought I'd try here! Hello???
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    I've been an avid cyclist for about 15 years. I've used roof-mounted bike racks on two of my previous cars and was disappointed. They are noisy, increase wind resistance, thereby negatively affecting gas mileage, expose your bike to the weather, and will usually lead to scratching the car's finish.

    My solution has been to make sure any car I buy,including my 2008 328XI coupe, can accommodate my bike in the trunk. I use movers' blankets to protect the car and the bike. I would think that a wagon,if the rear seats move forward, should be able to handle even two bikes. Use the blankets between the bikes.

    Good luck!

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