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Test drove a M5 today - I have to pass.

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by GSMetal, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I drove by one of my favorite dealerships today and there in the parking lot was a 2003 M5. Looked exactly like James Bond (my car pictured at left) same color and everything.

    So, being the curious little sot that I am, I pulled in to check it out. The dealer was kind enough to say the magic words "would you like to take it out for a drive". So I naturally grabbed the keys and climbed in.

    First off, even with only 69,000 miles on the clock the interior felt a little worn. I also noted how foreign it felt. Like, well, driving someone else's car. Which it is I suppose but oddly enough when I first had the opportunity to test drive my car when we first met, I felt right at home.

    Although, when I put the clutch in and turned the key, the Dinan exhaust did have an intoxicating note to it.

    I shifted into 1st and immediately noticed on difficult it was to find 1st gear compared to Mr. Bond. And, the clutch seemed a little notchy as well. The clutch and shifting in Mr. Bond is like butta and very silky smooth. I have the 530 with the straight 6 and the 5 speed. I'm told this is the best engine / transmission known to man.

    In general, I didn't care for the car. I don't know if all M's are like this (doubt it) but aside from the acceleration and the exhaust note, I like my car much better.
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    I secretly hope that my engine blows up so I am forced to buy an M5 engine and trans and create the world's 2nd M5 Touring. The reason it is a secret desire is that it makes no sense...put a $6500 drivetrain in a $9000 car. But, there is a reason I drive a 12 yr old car. I do so love my Sporty 528i wagon.

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