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Test Drive: BMW X1 xDrive28i in Mexico

Discussion in 'E84 X1 (2013)' started by hobregon, Jan 25, 2010.

    hobregon guest

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    Today I had the chance to extensively drive a new BMW X1 xDrive28i. This is the car that got here as a training car for the local BMW techs - got access through a very good friend who is part of our local BMW CCA.

    Most of the driving was on a fast highway mountain road between Mexico City and Toluca. However, I also had the chance to drive it on a few cobblestone streets and in the city. We will be getting the xDrive25i (218hp) and the xDrive28i (258hp) in Mexico. No diesels for the time being. Both cars can be ordered already and deliveries start in a couple of weeks. Prices range between 35k and 41k (these aren´t comparable to U.S. prices). The X1 slots below the X3 in price here. The X3 is between 36 and 56K and the X5 between 58K and 110K for the M.

    I tested a n xDrive 28i with the 6 speed auto.

    I loved it. It´s like a touring (not available here since '03), just slightly higher. It hauls *** with this engine. It handles like a BMW should while having a great ride as well. I was taking turns at 100 miles an hour without any stress. My friend from BMW was following me in my M3 and it wasn´t that easy to keep up with me. I probably was driving only 10 or 20 kph below what I would be doing on the M in the same road. The auto box in sport mode makes good decisions holding gears downhill and in turns. Steering is a bit aloof but very precise. The engine is wonderful (and this was at 8,000 ft above sea level).

    Space inside is limited, it feels quite more compact than the current X3. It sits much lower and closer to the ground. Interior quality is about the same as on a 1 series. Dash and control layout is very similar to the 1. Driving position is low, just slightly above other cars on the road, much lower than most any other SUV SAV crossover or whatever they call it.

    Ride comfort is very very good. Just slightly less comfortable than a 5er, much better than my M3 even in "soft" mode. Much better than the X3, even the facelifted one.

    I think they will sell like hotcakes here - it is priced right, below the Q5 and the X3, almost on par with the VW Tiguan and this is a superior car. I understand you won't get it until 2011. It's a shame, this is a great car, one of the better BMW's I have driven recently, but it might be too small for U.S. tastes. I am seriously working to convince the wife to get this instead of the MINI Countryman.

    The styling is great in person. The long hood is super agressive, looks like a 7 series. Everybody goes to the right lane when they see you coming. Photo's don't do it justice.


    zee4mike guest

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    Great information. Just about the time my wife will be needing a replacement for her SUV. Sounds like this may be made just for her....a sporty SUV and a BMW too!!:)
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Thanks for the review!

    We got to drive these for less than an hour. . . in suburban Munich traffic. . . which was pretty much a waste of time.

    Several hints from BMW---okay, from Ian Robertson, the token Brit on the BMW Board---have suggested that the X1---most likely the X128i---will get to the US before the end of the year.

    I hope to convince BMW that a proper test of these rats would include a run up the Mackenzie River to Tuktayaktuk. Oh my yes.

    M3Driver guest

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    Hey Satch

    Sorry to 'jack the thread Satch, but how are you liking the red Dinan wheels? Were they powder-coated or did you have them painted. Post some pics in a new thread.


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