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Technical Instructor for BMW STEP Program - New Member

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by bmwstepinstructor, Jul 12, 2008.


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    bmwstepinstructor guest

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    Hi! With move than 17 years, I have held positions ranging from Team Leader to Service Manager including additional technical and management training. Now, I am a newly acquired Technical Instructor of the BMW STEP (Service Technician Education Program). To all those whom are reading this, I do not know everything and/or modifications about every model produced during BMW history and/or concept/unreleased vehicles. I will provide help and guidance only as for an educational purpose only. Now since I have gotten the legal mumble-jumble out of the way. I have a personal pledge to be as accurate, honest and up-to-date as humanly possible. I am looking forward to this newly forged relationship with CCA and my chapters. Yes, I belong to 3 chapters spanning DE, PA, MD, DC and VA....why...I travel...lol? Sorry in advance to all the literature scholars for any mispelling words and/or poorly formed sentences. I am a simple country boy who has embraced the country club lifestyle.

    BMW Site:

    samwarfield guest

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    BMW STEP Student

    I am from the Northwest and a member of the Puget Sound Chapter. I have been accepted into the STEP program. Will be going to the Avondale campus.

    I am excited and can't wait...
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    Man, I'm really wondering if I should have taken the Automotive field when I was in technical school. I actually wanted to go do the STEP program but decided against it because of financial problems and distance issues. Reading this thread brings back the tough choice I had to make.

    Darn it...
    Welcome to the forums though. :)

    samwarfield guest

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    Thanks... I have been in automotive all my life. I currently have a BS in Automotive Technology.

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