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Switching DRL on E90 w/ Xenon lighting

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Spydeputy, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Switching DRL (H7's) w/ a H.I.D. system.
    I have been interested in switching my Day Time Running Lights in my 2008 335xi w/ H.I.D. lighting package. i was looking to swap the factory H7 bulb w/ a whiter bulb w/out incurring the expense of a HID system for the day time running light. this is what i found out f/ my local BMW dealer in Bel Air, MD.

    they advised they would need to pull the front bumper cover and remove the light assemble out far enough to swap the H7 bulbs. if this was warranty work they would get 1.6 hrs of labor to make the switch. i went for it if they let me watch so if i need to replace a blown bulb later on. well after it was all said and done, you can't tell a big difference when it is used as the lower voltage DRL, but when you flash the lights it is the much whiter light you see on cars that have those blue bulbs, that looker whiter.

    i also switched the fog lights on my own, w/ a whiter light and got great results. much easier to do. just remove the bottom panel under the fogs and make the switch. took 10 min. tops.

    i did by buy a light switch that lets you turn on the rear fog lights. (Tischer BMW) in Wash. DC area, they are a forum sponsor. this is the same switch used in Europe. it's great, just a plug and play item. no codes to program in the computer. and no error codes either. you only loose the adaptive brakes light on the car. these only come on at best a second when braking hard. i'd rather have the rear fog lights like my wifes Volvo, and the Audi i used to have.

    so if you are looking for a cheap way to replace your DRL's, you would have to do the work yourself. other wise save your $$$.


    good luck!
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    Your addaptive brake lights will still work when the rear fogs are off.

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