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Switched to non RFT'

Discussion in 'F12/F13 (2011-present)' started by 640ijims, Jul 10, 2016.

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    Just put a staggered set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports on ( and put a Conti Mobility kit in trunk). Ride is much smoother, turn in the same, crispness in overall control slightly better, can not feel asphalt to concrete road changes hardly at all? No rain drive yet, will have to be on "pothole patrol" though
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    Let us know how it works out.
    While the tire makers have come a long way with the RFT technology, the ride and noise are still quite a long way from equal to non-RFT.
    We use the RFTs on our lease cars, mainly for simplicity but for our other cars (Bimmers and others) strictly non-RFTs.
    You're going to Love the PSSs although tread life might be a little shorter than some.
    As you mentioned, caution is in order. A pothole (possibly with your name on it) waits just around the/some corner ...
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    Thanks for the update always nice to hear what others are doing!
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    Looking at buying a CPO 2015 650 GC drive with the 20" staggered Bridgestones. Very concerned with north east Ohio weather, wish there was an all season option. Any comments or insight would be great. Plan on a winter set-up 18", but Tirerack says a 17" will fit. Not sure if my 17" F10 winter wheels will work.
    Should I keep the Bridgestones for now or switch to the non RFT Conti DSW and a mobility kit?
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    Easy enough to tell if your other wheels have similar specs (spoke clearance on brakes might be another issue), but, you're likely ok on centerbore, no problem on bolt pattern (5x120), if yours are 17x8's with an offset (et) of 29 or 30mm, that would match the ranges shown for 17" winter wheels for a '15 650 GCx. If the whole point of having the x-drive is to make sure you get where you're going in winter weather and you're willing to do the twice-annual seasonal swap, then why not go the dedicated snow-tires+wheels route to have everything possible (well, except limited slip diff, but, oh well) going for you in the winter? I put snows on my mom's E90 x-drive every year down here in SW Ohio for her security, and winter here ain't nuthin' like up there! That said, TR shows one hi-perf A/S for the oe 20" staggered setup, and 6 for 19" dia. wheels... but that would mean new wheels. As for when to swap out the Bridgestones, just depends how long you want to run 'em, unless they're down to wearbars & should be replaced now.

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